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Farm and Home Safety Day
Through hands-on activities, participants learn how to prevent farm and home accidents and how to reduce the extent of injuries if accidents do occur.

Scheduled speakers and interactive demonstrations reinforce the importance of children taking responsibility for their own safety, respecting parents safety rules and sharing safety tips with their family and friends.
Some of our goals are to:
  •      Create awareness of Home and Farm hazards.
  •  Help participants understand the difference between safe and unsafe behaviors.
  •  Develop within participants a life-long, positive attitude toward safety and a willingness to accept responsibility for their own well-being.
  •  Decrease the incidence of injuries and deaths.
Farm and Home Safety Day Brochure
This years event will be held at the Fonda Fairgrounds on June 8th. All schools within the county are more than welcome to attend. If you are interested or have questions please call our office.
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